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Alberta has one of the more progressive housing and care systems in Canada

The “continuum” of housing, from independent apartments, to supported living to assisted living to long term care, should strive to provide services that meet the needs of all seniors as they age - regardless of income. But, the provision of assistance with the activities of daily living, many of which are not health care and may include personal care supports such as medication management, bathing and grooming assistance can cost $950 or more per month on top of accommodation, putting this out of reach of many.

By partnering with the public and private sector to build communities that offer “designated assisted living”, where the resident pays “affordable” room and board and Alberta Health Services provides personal and health care supports that are funded, Alberta has shifted care from long term care to this “in-between” choice and made the system considerably more efficient.

Alberta has a long history of providing affordable senior housing. From independent housing through public “lodges”, not for profit organizations and the private sector, the Province has recognized that basic social, nutritional and housekeeping supports can delay or prevent admission to long term care.

Much of the lodge housing offers supports that are targeted at the older female adult who has lost her spouse, offering basic supports such as meals, social and housekeeping, or supportive living. Examples include The Greater Edmonton Foundation and Silvera (previously known as the Metro Calgary Foundation).

As in other Provinces, funded care - home care, designated assisted living and long term care is accessed through Alberta Health Services - to determine eligibility and need.

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Supportive Living

Supportive Living in Alberta
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Long Term Care

Long Term Care in Alberta

A list of helpful links for seniors housing and services in Alberta is provided below. A needs assessment may help you make the best choice for you or your loved one. An free assessment form is available here.

The types of seniors housing available in Alberta are (click to see the list of housing providers):

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